How to Join

Step One:Your page must contain information related to Sears Family Genealogy.

Step Two: Fill out the submit site form.

Step Three: After you have submitted the form ,  you then need to add the  html codes to your site page WITHIN 7 DAYS. You MUST copy the graphic. To do this on, simply place your cursor ON THE GRAPHIC  and RIGHT click on it. A small menu will pop up--simply click on "save image as", and save it to your disk. The name of the graphic WILL ALREADY be there. Now remember you MUST upload BOTH the ring code AND graphic to your server.

Step Four:After you have placed the ring code on your page, you have to email ME!--your RingMaster, and tell me you are ready to go! I will visit your site, and if all is well, I will add you---usually the same day.

    If you haven't been added within 7 days, the queue will automatically remove you. So add the code as soon as you can. If you have ANY problems, Email me.

You will receive an e-mail notification as soon as your site has been added!

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